Compact Consulting Ltd was initially established in 2003 as an company secretarial arm of a Chartered Accountants firm – Keith Wong CPA & Co. With its specialisation on international company formation, bookkeeping, fiduciary services, due diligence, the company grew rapidly into a stand alone management and finance focused consulting firm in recent years. Our client profile grew widely throughout the world and the scope of services diversify widely as specified by the clients in different sectors. We developed our own instrumental tools and technique which was proven helpful for identifiying strength and weaknesses of clients. We also conducted study and research on project basic on behalf clients in the area of logistics, international payment solutions and also recently in cloud computing solutions in order to assist them to identify the best strategy for achieving results. ​ As a firm with global horizon and local expertise, we believe we are a one-stop solutions for international businessmen who would like to explore their best opportunity in this most fast growing region in Asia.


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