Global Changes

In the last few decades, globalization has been the international tendency. Commerical organizations have been making use of globalization in order to scale their operation, leverage their costs, outsource services and extend their reach to every corner of the world with a view to improve their wealth and networks.  In recent years, the commerical world in the international arena has been swinging between regulation and de-regulation. While the former strengthens the regulator’s control and enhances the efficiency on suppressing international crimes and tax evasion, the later facilitates globalization and international trades.  In the aftermaths of the credit crunch in 2008, international bodies are now imposing every year more and more business constraints and reporting requirements for improving government controls and for preventing frauds or tax avoidance. On the other hand, this represents the process of globalization is getting harder and harder.

Under the current international business environment, businesses require more sophisticated knowledge of the markets and also local expertise on solving their problems on the front line.

Compact Consulting is a management and finance focus consulting firm. It specializes on advising client’s operating efficiency as a 3rd party advisor and provide hands on solutions for implementation to achieve result. As a member partner of a Chartered Accountants firm based in Hong Kong, Compact Consulting is also a fiduciary services provider. We provide accounting and secretarial support to international clients who are looking for world-class services to help them on fast setup in the region.